POZ Optical Service

Pueblo of Zuni Optical Service

The Pueblo of Zuni Optical Service is dedicated to providing our patients with quality, personalized eye care that reflects the most current level of excellence in clinical education and optical services needed to maintain vision health while utilizing the finest material and knowledge provided by a competent and caring optical staff.

Frames Gallery

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Pueblo of Zuni Optical Service Frames Gallery



Lanny Latone



LaVaughn Eriacho



Lorrine Lunasee


POZ Optical Service
POZ Optical Service

Contact Information

Pueblo of Zuni Optical Service

Open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm by Appointment only
P.O.Box 339
Zuni, NM 87327
For Appointments: 505-782-7232
For Opticians: 505-782-7197 or 505-782-7199

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