ITCA 2015 Operator of the Year

Eli Abeita

Eli Abeita Award ITCA Operator of the Year

From Tyler Wells, Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
"Good Afternoon Mr. Edaakie Sr.,
It was our honor to announce that Mr. Eli Abeita was selected as the ITCA 2015 Tribal Operator of the Year. He definitely earned this prestigious award with his hard work and dedication in protecting the health of the community and environment there at the Pueblo of Zuni. Thank you so much for the nomination. I am glad Eli has a manager like you that provides encouragement and support.
I agree that it is important to notify our Tribal Leaders of the hard work and qualifications of our Tribal operators. We will start working on your request and send a letter to the Pueblo of Zuni, Governor’s Office. We also have a couple other ideas which we will be in contact to receive your thoughts."

ITCA 2015 Operator of the Year Award Ceremony.pdf